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Details Of Our Services



Kool K9 is a professional, full-service Grooming Salon and Day Spa for small breeds
under 20 pounds only. We exclusively offer PRIVATE, One on One Grooming.
We are NOT like the 'Big Box" stores or your local high volume groomers. We DO NOT groom 15 dogs a day, nor would we want too ... ensuring your dog gets that quality PERSONAL ONE TO ONE TOUCH that they so deserve!

​The secret to a great groom is all the the preparation. It all begins with a top quality, high performance professional shampoo. We tailor it to your dog's specific needs, ensuring the skin and coat are properly cleaned and moisturized. Their coats are then air fluffed dry by hand, ensuring a full plush coat. Finally, we expertly hand scissor each pup with a beautiful breed specific clip or a custom cut all their own.

Kool K9 is a home based grooming salon that offers a CLEAN, COZYand COMFORTABLE environment.  My goal is to treat your dog just like one of my own. Your dog deserves to get treated with that one on one attention they deserve from bath time to groom time. After all, they're your babies and you don't want to leave them with just anyone.